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The Antonine Wall: A Handbook to Scotland’s Roman Frontier

Anne S. Robertson.  Revised & Edited by Lawrence Keppie

The Antonine Wall was constructed between the Forth and the Clyde in AD 142. It was held by the Roman army for about 20 years as the northern frontier of the province of Britannia and the extreme north-west frontier of the Roman Empire. A continuous barrier of turf on a stone foundation, it ran for 60 kilometres, with a regular series of forts along it. The Antonine Wall was made a World Heritage Site in 2008.

This Handbook outlines the historical and geographical background, and provides a detailed guide to the remains on the ground. It is lavishly illustrated in colour with 75 illustrations and 144 pages. The handbook was first published by the Society in 1960, with this sixth and new edition published in 2015.

Price: £9.50 | Postage £1.00

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